Hot Air Balloon Virtual Run 2019
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Thank you to all the runners who participated. Keep it up!

Hot Air Balloon Virtual Run 2019

31 Jul 2019 (12:00 AM) GMT +08
04 Aug 2019 (11:59 PM) GMT +08

Finisher's Award

 Finisher's Medal

 Finisher's Certificate


You can choose to complete your event anywhere in the world. You only need one GPS to run the application (virtual series). How does it work


RM 30.00(Incl. postage fee)

Registration Deadline

30 Jul 2019 (11:59 PM) GMT +08

3km, 5km, 10km, 21km
Cut Off Time

No time limit, but must be completed and submitted on the specified date.

About the race

Colorful hot air balloon is come! On a hot air balloon, you will be able to enjoy the sunrise rising from the horizon, indulge in the fascinating dawn, fly over a valley like a fairyland, and experience the fun and unique feeling of flying with the wind.

Hot air balloons symbolize freedom, enthusiasm and hope for the future. When you forget your dreams, you can fly on the sky with a hot air balloon to pursue your dreams!

Finish medal

Hot air balloon finish medal is to encourage runners who have been chasing their dreams, bravely challenging and constantly surpassing themselves. Sign up for this event now and win a medal for yourself and encourage yourself to bravely pursue your dreams.

Hot Air Balloon Virtual Run 2019

Hot Air Balloon Virtual Run 2019

How does a Virtual Race work?

 Find and join a virtual race that excites you

 Use a GPS-tracking running app to track your run

 Track and finish the race

 Submit it on your profile

 We will verify it and send your award

  • Last submission by 04 Aug 2019 (11:59 PM) GMT +08
  • No completion, no medal policy, we will regularly check the submitted content.
  • After successful payment, you cannot change categories, refunds and/or transfer bib.
  • Pedometers are not allowed.
  • All GPS-based app are accepted.
  • Account may be suspended if fraudulent results are found.
  • Completed by one run.

Hot Air Balloon Race Tee -(Free shipping fee)

Hot Air Balloon Race Tee -(Free shipping fee)

1. Hot Air Balloon Race Tee -(Free shipping fee) - RM30.00

Now buy only RM 30.00

Currently only Malaysia is open.

For other countries, please email:

Clothes will be delivered on August 5th.

About other issues

The medal will be sent to the Malaysia Post Office one day after the end of the competition. In Malaysia, the estimated delivery time is 5-7 working days. For other countries, we are not currently open.

Mailing in Malaysia is free.

After the race starts, you can submit a running record on your profile.

After the race, you can go to the profile to check the results and rankings.


STRAVA or other running apps, as long as you can display running kilometers, finish time, running date and time.

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Lucky draw

Register now and you will have the chance to win lucky prizes.


Value (RM 30.00)

Hot Air Balloon Virtual Run 2019