Common problem

  1. What is virtual run?
    Virtual Run is an event where you can run and complete the event from anywhere. You only need to use the GPS running app to record your running scores.
  2. What is a virtual event?
    The virtual event is an interesting event and an annual theme event held every month.
  3. What are the benefits of virtual running?
    Virtual run is to break the rules of ordinary road running activities, no need to get up early, no road closure, no time and place; you can increase your enthusiasm for running without pressure.
  4. What is a virtual challenge?
    The Virtual Challenge is a breakthrough race where you can race anywhere.
    The Virtual Challenge will award medals based on your miles. For example, if you participate in a 100km race, you must complete a 100km race in 28 days and you will receive a 100km finish medal.
  5. Can a user only register one account?
    Yes. A user can only have one account to sign up for an event.
  6. Can I still add another purchase when I successfully sign up?
    No, additional purchases must be attached together when you sign up, but some sports products can be purchased from the shopping bar.
  7. Are all additional sports products available in the shopping bar?
    Yes. Except for tournament medals, they cannot be purchased in the shopping bar.
  8. Will the medals and awards be awarded if the event is completed.
  9. Can I use an indoor treadmill?
    Can. The scores of indoor treadmills must have the following information:
    1. Running kilometers
    2. Time of completion
    3. Date and time of the day of the run
  10. How to get a number plate?
    Step 1: Go to your account's profile page dashboard
    Step 2: Select the event you want and click on “Race Bib”.
    ** Number plate you can choose whether you want or not **
  11. How to get the certificate?
    Step 1: Go to your account's profile page dashboard
    Step 2: Then select the “Certificate” you want to get.


  1. What is the payment method?
    The current payment method is only credit card.
    For Malaysia, Online Banking via Ipay88 is available. Please refer Ipay88 section below.
  2. What if the payment fails?
    We will advise you to contact your bank for more details.


  1. Select the event you are interested in and click on Register.
  2. Fill in all your information and press Next.

  3. This is the last confirmation page before your payment. Double check all your information.
  4. You can pay by credit card or online banking here.
  5. Once the payment is completed, the payment confirmation will be emailed to you.


  1. Which country can be shipped?
    Currently we only open Malaysia.
  2. Which country can be shipped?
    Where can I get the tracking number of the package?
    Whatsapp: 0106605268 Wechat: wasports5268 Email: