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How much is the price of crystal oscillator?




We all know that we all like to ask questions like how much is the crystal oscillator or how much is the crystal oscillator price. I believe it is difficult for many crystal oscillator manufacturers to answer, and the concept is too vague. For example, I said that the nature of how much a mobile phone costs is the same. Considering the parameters and price range, I can recommend you a mobile phone with high cost performance. So what factors affect the price of crystal oscillator? The four aspects that affect the price are crystal type, standard frequency, load capacitance and ppm. In this case, the active crystal is certainly more expensive than the passive crystal, and the price of crystal is quite different, ranging from a few cents to tens of hundreds of yuan.

The factors that influence the amount of crystal oscillator - the types of crystal oscillator

The types of crystal oscillator are mainly divided into passive crystal oscillator and active crystal oscillator. As mentioned earlier, the active crystal oscillator is more expensive than the passive crystal oscillator, because there is a complete oscillation circuit inside the active crystal oscillator, and the passive crystal oscillator can only vibrate if it is connected to an external circuit. So the cost will be high. According to the calculation of market price, the current reference price of ordinary active crystal oscillator is more than 2 yuan, and that of passive crystal oscillator is about 2-8 Mao. The price of voltage controlled crystal oscillator and temperature compensated crystal oscillator will be higher than that of ordinary crystal oscillator.

Factors affecting the cost of crystal oscillator - standard frequency

The standard frequency refers to the frequency passed by various industries. The most common frequencies are 32.768KHz, 12Mhz, 16mhz, 26MHz, 32mhz, 48mhz, etc.; the standard frequency has a large shipment volume and relatively low price. The next is the biased crystal oscillator, which is generally customized. When the crystal oscillator manufacturers ship less or use less in the industry, the price tends to be more expensive and the delivery time is longer.

Factors affecting the cost of crystal oscillator load capacitance

Crystal oscillator with the same nominal frequency and different load capacitance. The price is also different. The load capacitance is the capacitance loaded on both ends of the crystal oscillator, whose function is whether it can work normally in the product. Moreover, the value of the load capacitance of the crystal oscillator is directly related to the accuracy of frequency modulation, so the load capacitance is also an important parameter determining the price of the crystal oscillator.


The factors that influence how much money Jingzhen - ppm

The precision unit of crystal oscillator is ppm, which refers to the error within the working temperature range of crystal. The common precision ranges are ± 10ppm, ± 20ppm, ± 30ppm, ± 50ppm, ± 100ppm. The smaller the frequency range is, the more expensive the price will be. The wider the frequency range is, the cheaper the price will be.


The four factors mentioned above account for a large proportion of the price, and of course, the working temperature. The working temperature is divided into civil temperature, industrial temperature and military temperature. The temperature requirements in the industrial application field are very high. Generally, the industrial oscillator with low temperature resistance is recommended. The military level is the most expensive, followed by the industrial temperature. Therefore, when purchasing crystal oscillator, it is necessary to find out the above several main parameters before inquiry, in order to find out the accurate price.

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